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Comstock is located 80 miles north of Kearney and has 81 friendly residents. Located in Custer County and bordering Valley County, Comstock is served by Highways 183, 11, and 70.


Comstock, the youngest town in Custer County, started in the fall of 1899 on the east bank of the Middle Loup River with a railroad station and a grocery store. On March 14, 1906, Comstock was incorporated as a village. For the new few years, Comstock continued to grow and prosper. It supported three churches, several stores, two banks and hotels, a restaurant, theater, opera house, print shop and professional offices for a doctor, dentist and several lawyers. By 1930 it was a thriving community with a population of almost 500. During the blizzards in the 1930s, many roads were closed, and farmers could not get into town with their produce to sell or trade. By spring stores closed, and a lot of farmers were forced to take jobs to make ends meet.

Following graduation in 1965, Comstock Schools merged with the Ord school district. A kindergarten through third grade school in Comstock closed in May 2003. The three surrounding communities of Arcadia, Ord, and Sargent provide bus transportation to Comstock school children.

The past decades have been very difficult for small farming communities like Comstock. The town of Comstock, however, continues to serve the needs of its citizens. The people of Comstock have a lot of pride in their town. The best way to sum it up could be with the town's motto - "Comstock - a little town with a BIG heart!"

Calendar of Events

On Memorial Day color guard and flower carriers assemble on Main Street at 10 a.m. for the march to the river for the River Bridge Ceremony. Services are held at the Douglas Grove Cemetery at 10:30 a.m. and dinner is served at the Community Hall by the American Legion and Auxiliary.

The Fourth of July starts with a parade downtown in the morning at 10:30 a.m. followed by a barbecue served in the Community Hall by the Community Club. The Den offers homemade pies and ice cream, kid's races in the park at 1 p.m., sand volleyball tournament, ball games on the ball field, concession stand and fireworks to end the evening of Independence Day.

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